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Cheap offers with great additional services for families, nature lovers, romantics, walkers, cyclists and adventurers. Discover the most attractive package offers of our destinations here – all at a glance.

Adventures on the Rhine

Experience the power of the Rhine Falls firsthand, discover one of Europe's most beautiful river sceneries and take a tour of the medieval town of Stein am Rhein or Schaffhausen with the alleys, squares and oriels.

Validity: 15 - 250 persons, during ship season from April to October

Barbecue Cooking Event

Experience a stress-free day in good company

Validity: 15 to 50 persons


Explore the wine village at the Schaffhauser Blauburgunderland.

Validity: 15 - 100 peoples, 01.04. - 31.10.

Blauburgunderland Panoramaweg

Along 'Blauburgunderland Panoramaweg'

Validity: April bis Oktober

Canoe Trip

"There by bike - back by canoe". Discover the Rhine in a unique way by canoe from Diessenhofen to Schaffhausen.

Validity: 15 - 80 persons, spring to autumn


Casino package

Validity: ganzes Jahr

Cave Dwellers & Pile Dwellers

Experience an accompanied round trip through past times, perfect for school classes and other groups.

Cow Trekking

A special kind of trekking! We invite you on a 4-hour tour with docile dairy cows.

Validity: 4 to 8 peoples

Craftsmanship of the past!

Discover the old crafts of Stone Age up close through experimental archaeology: make a fire, twist and spin or make your own didgeridoo!

Validity: 10 - 50 peoples

Cultural Schaffhauserland

Get to know Schaffhauserland from its cultural side. From Rheinau, the convent island, to the Rhine Falls, to the medieval town of Schaffhausen.

Validity: 20 - 150 peoples

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